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Child Safe

The Sunraysia Football Umpires Association Inc. is a Child Safe Organisation.


 Erin Williams is the designated SFUA Child Safe Officer.

Any member seeking advice or information in relation to Child Safe matters should speak with Erin in the first instance.

Child Safe policies and a Code of Conduct will be available on our website soon.

Members are reminded of the need to ensure the safety of our junior (under 18) members and encourage our juniors to seek assistance when needed.

All members over 18 years of age must hold a current Working With Children Check.

The WWC card must be sighted by the secretary. failure to hold a WWC will result in expulsion from the association.


Senior members (those over 18 years of age or those who will turn 18 this year) will be affected by new state government legislation which confirms and extends the current SFUA Policy regarding Working with Children checks.

All members over 18 must obtain a working with Children Check prior to seeking to register as a member of the SFUA.

Your current or new WWC card must be physically sighted (and registered on SFUA records) before I can accept your membership application form.

Current or new members over 18 who need to obtain a WWC card should go to this link and follow the instructions -

SFUA members should apply for a "Volunteer" card which is currently free of charge (except for the photograph at the post office if required.