• Training is conducted on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at No.1 City Oval.

              Juniors: 5.00 – 5.45pm approx. 

 Seniors: 6.00 – 7.00pm approx.

  • Attendance at training is compulsory, if unavailable advise Mick  Breewell for seniors and John Maas and Bruce Rymer, you name will be recorded.
  • All umpires attending training must sign the training attendance book.


Match Appointments

Match Appointments are usually made on Tuesday nights by the Development and Selection Board and announced at lectures on Thursday evenings.  All umpires are required to attend lectures to confirm their appointment. If you are unable to attend ‘lectures’ on Thursday nights, you can ring the clubrooms on 50232925 after 8pm or alternatively you can check the Appointment sheet, which is displayed in the window of the club rooms (From Thursday Night) 


If you are not available to umpire (including specific time and or ground)- you MUST print your name clearly in the Unavailable Book provided in our Social Rooms.  YOU ARE REQUIRED TO DO THIS BY END OF TRAINING EACH TUESDAY.


*Refer to emergency contacts below where you need to withdraw or change your appointment at short   

  notice due to exceptional circumstances