SFUA Membership is compulsory for all running umpires.  Umpires will pay an affiliation fee payable by the SFUA for each member to the VCFL, this is included in your SFUA membership fee. Fee’s are as follows -

Senior Membership:               $65.00 Includes VCFL Fee,  senior dinner and voting rights

Junior Membership:               $20.00  -  all school students up to 18 years,includes VCFL Fee and junior dinner only, no voting rights)

Social Membership:             $15.00 (No dinner included, no voting rights)


VCFL Fee’s: Senior $30.00    Junior $19.00  - paid by the SFUA on behalf of all members in 2015


* Memberships expire January 31 each year and all members must complete an Annual Renewal form.

* All SFUA members must register on the SportingPulse website - the link is on the home page.